Sunday, April 3, 2016

Simplicity 1163 Modified

Aloha!  Surprise.....I've made another skirt!  This is made with another 2 yard cut of knit fabric that I received from Girl Charlee a while ago.  This fabric is kind of thin, so I lined it with a cheap polyester knit.  The two changes I made to the pattern were to shorten it by about 18 inches, if I am remembering correctly, and I used 2" wide elastic inside the casing instead of 1 1/2" wide, since that is what I had on hand.  I made view D.

This is a really fast pattern to make.  I cut all the pieces out from a single layer of fabric to have a better chance of matching at the sides.  But, I didn't get too worried about totally matching the stripes.  I normally use my coverstitch machine to hem my knits, but this time I used a zig zag stitch which disappears nicely into the print.

I am wearing the skirt with a rtw top from Old Navy.  I am looking forward to the day when I can take on some more complicated projects, but for now I am happy to have the creative juices flowing again with quick, satisfying projects like this.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Design By Me….Mostly

Aloha Dear Readers,

Thanks for stopping by to have a look today!  Well, I don't have a new pattern made up to show you, but I had fun coming up with my own dress design by using a 97 cent Simplicity pattern for inspiration.

I cut out the front and back bodice pieces as the anchor for my dress.  I lengthened the bodice pieces by 1 inch, and I eliminated the bust gathers but kept a small pleat in the bust area.  I also took the bodice in at the center, front seam by a good inch. I made by own trim from self-fabric to finish the neckline.  I double folded a 1/4" hem on the sleeves and stitched them down.

For the skirt portion of the dress, I measured around my rib cage and my hips, then hand drew what I wanted to cut out.  I wanted only one seam in the skirt, and I wanted to play with the design of the fabric.  The seam is in the front, and I inserted a placket that I stitched together by joining two pieces of fabric in a way that mirrored each other.  The placket gives the dress some swing and a slight A-line shape, so that it is easy to walk.  Overall, I'm really happy with this dress and had a lot of fun just piecing it together bit by bit until I was satisfied.  The fabric came from Girl Charlee in that KnitFix grouping that I ordered a while ago.  This was my second favorite fabric in the bunch.  Here are a few more pictures of the finished dress!

I hope you are enjoying the weekend, and thank you for your thoughts on the fence print skirt.  It's a fun one to have in the wardrobe!  Aloha! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A "Fence" Print Skirt

Aloha Sewing Friends,

Once again, I cut the pieces for my latest skirt a couple of weeks ago only to have them languish on the sewing room floor gathering dust.  I must have felt sorry for them yesterday, because I was inspired to pick them up and start putting them together.  It wasn't a wasted effort.  I am pleased with the outcome.

I made New Look A6169, View C, out of a nice quality, stretch denim (I think) from Marcy Tilton's fabric website.  I actually wore this skirt this morning and was delighted to find that it did not wrinkle or bulge in weird ways once I got home.   Sometimes I find this to be true with certain stretch cottons/denims that don't have good recovery.

I made a size 8, since the pattern stated that the waist sits 1" below the natural waist, and I didn't want the skirt to sit too low, which seems to happen when I make my usual size 10.

There are 3 panels in the front and 3 panels in the back with a wide, curved waistband.  I did not alter the length, but I did taper the sides in at the bottom by about 5/8".  Since the fabric has significant body, I was concerned that it would stick out too far for my liking, so I brought the silhouette in just a bit.

I inserted an invisible zipper at the side seam instead of a lapped zipper, as the pattern instructs.  I omitted the belt carriers and fabric sash.

Here are the skirt close-ups:


Invisible Side Zipper
This skirt is fairly versatile.  Here I am wearing it two different ways.  Since Maui has been colder than usual lately, I wore it with the poncho this morning and was super comfortable.

I hope to be back real soon.  The next project is on my floor ready to be cut out.  Hope you are having a restful day!  Aloha!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Creating What You Need with New Look 6789

Aloha Dear Readers,

Mahalo for stopping by!  While I was on break for the Christmas and New Year's holiday, I had a chance to visit a discount retail store where I found a Cable and Gage knit top.  The last time I found this exact style, which is a favorite of mine, was a couple of years ago.  You can imagine how delighted I was to discover that it was just my size, in excellent shape, and in a print I adore.  I still want to figure out how to come up with the pattern so that I can start to make this style myself.  For now, I snapped up the top and immediately went "shopping" in my fabric stash to find some material to make a suitable skirt to go with it.

I found a medium-weight rayon suit fabric in a slightly off-white color with a chevron pattern woven in.  I bought about 4 yards of this fabric several years ago from Fashion Fabric Club online, and I think it was between $6.00-$8.00 a yard.  It was perfect for the top.  I had already pre-washed and dried the fabric too, so it was instantly ready to go!  Now to find the perfect skirt pattern,  I decided on New Look 6789, View E, which was also in my pattern stash.  I made my usual, a size 10, and made no adjustments to the pattern.

Rayon Suiting Fabric
Although this is a medium weight fabric, I decided to line the skirt even though the pattern doesn't call for it, because white tends to be see through.

Slippery Knit Lining attached to White Muslin waistband lining
This skirt is worn 1" below the waist, and has an invisible zipper in the side seam.   The pattern calls for a lapped zipper installation, which I hardly ever do.  The skirt is also cut on the bias.  Here is the final look showing the side with the zipper.

I am certain this skirt will see lots of wear with lots of different tops!  It is definitely a versatile addition to my work wardrobe.  Have a magnificent week!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just In Time Kwik Sew 2573

Aloha Again,

I was able to slip in one more project before returning to work tomorrow.  It is a skirt made from a mid- weight, acrylic/wool blend.  This was also purchased a couple of years ago, along with the Christmas fabric that you saw a couple of posts back.  Since it too is loosely woven, I lined the skirt pieces with a lightweight, black, cotton fabric for longevity.   Here is a close-up of the fabric, and it also shows the cute pocket flaps.  I pre-washed and dried this fabric so that I wouldn't have to dry clean it.

I used Kwik Sew 2573, the skirt from View C.  I made two alterations to the pattern.  I lengthened the skirt by 2 inches and I increased the waist on the size Small by 2.5 inches.  Kwik Sew includes sizes XS to XL, and I am generally a size Small in this pattern line.  Some of the older patterns, like this one, have tiny waists!  What caught my eye about this skirt pattern was the cute pocket flaps and the wide waistband.  I added shiny buttons to my pocket flaps for fun.

The wide waistband provided great shaping.  The invisible zipper is on my left side.

Decorative Pocket Flaps (no pockets underneath)

Back is just one piece.

Invisible Zipper and Hand Hemmed.

Once again I was able to match the plaid all the way around.  I am so glad I took the time to do that!
Here is how I will wear this skirt tomorrow.  The pink cardigan picks up the pink in the skirt and buttons.  Both tops are RTW.  I hope you all are having a great week and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year with Vogue 8962

Aloha Again,

I hope your New Year is off to a tremendous start!  I feel thankful that I had the opportunity to try out a new pattern to get my year started.  I ordered this one just a few weeks ago, and I really like both tops.  For my first version I started out with top A and skirt C.  Below is up-close photos of the fabrics I used.

Neckline finished with 5/8" narrow hem.

Skirt finished with 1 1/4" hem double-stitched.

Skirt slit with 5/8" narrow hem at seam.
The fabric for the top is a burnout cotton/polyester knit that I recently acquired from Fabric Mart (which they still currently have for $7.99/yd) when all of their knits went on sale for 50% off.  Hopefully you can see that there are some dots of bling scattered throughout.  The skirt fabric is a lightweight, stretch denim and it has been in my stash for a long time.  I don't remember where I got this fabric, but it was perfect for this pattern.

This is advertised as a Very Easy Vogue pattern, and I would say that it really is easy.  I carefully cut out the size 10 for both the top and skirt and was pleasantly surprised with the fit as well as how perfectly each piece went together.  Something to note however is that I only turned the hem of the sleeve up 3/4" instead of 1 1/4".  If I had turned it up the whole way the sleeves would have been too short for my liking.  Also, instead of hemming the top 1 1/4", I trimmed the bottom so that I could do a 5/8" narrow hem, like I did for the neckline.  In the future, I will change the neckline so that it is not so wide.  You can see, in the photos below, that sometimes my undergarment straps peek out.  This can be easily remedied in future versions by adding about 5/8" all the way around the neckline.  In the end, I am extremely happy with the pattern and the look of the final outfit.  The top has the potential to look like a maternity top (and to be used as one), but sometimes I'm in the mood to wear things like this, so it doesn't bother me.  I also think this top would be fantastic for leggings since it is so long.


Thanks for stopping by and for your comments on the Christmas skirt.  I am looking forward to being more engaged with you all in the coming year! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas Eve Skirt

As promised, I'm back with a little color!  It was time to pull out some Christmas fabric purchased a couple of years ago from Fabric Mart.

Isn't that green tinsel festive?  Festive could have quickly become scratchy if I hadn't backed the fabric with cotton muslin.  Also, this fabric was fairly loosely woven, so the cotton gave it more stability.  I kept things simple with this busy plaid and used New Look 6130, view E.  Instead of placing the zipper on the side seam, I placed it in the center back.

Here are some in progress pictures during construction.  
Backing fabric with white cotton muslin.
Preparing the back vent.
Invisible zipper and two small back darts.  Waist finished with twill tape per the instructions. 
Back vent showing the hem stitched in place by hand. 
And here is the finished skirt worn with a purchased sweater.  I was able to match the plaid at the center back and side seams for a continuous look all the way around the skirt.  The only alteration I made to the size 10 was to take the side seams in by an extra 3/8", which meant the side seams were 1" instead of 5/8".  I love it and will keep it as long as it will last.  

Mele Kalikimaka Online Ohana!

Enjoy Celebrating!
Thanks for stopping by for a visit!